Chain of Command

School Contacts

Name Position Phone
Military Family Life Counselor
Web Admin Webmaster
Attendance Attendance 0827-79-3169
Information Specialist Information Specialist 0827-79-3164/3168
Registrar Registrar 0827-79-3175
School Counselor School Counselor 0827-79-3164/3168
School Nurse/Health Aide School Nurse/Health Aide 0827-79-3164/3168
School Psychologist School Psychologist 0827-79-3164/3168
Educational Technologist Educational Technologist

School Hours

Tuesdays are Early Release days

Regular Hours Lunch Hours Tuesday Hours
Office Hours 0730 - 1530
School Hours 0755 - 1435
1st Bell - 0750
2nd Bell - 0755
1130 - 1230 Early Dismissal
at 1435

The first bell rings at 0750 and class begins promptly at 0755. Supervision for students does not begin until 0745. Students should not arrive at school before this time.

Dismissal for all students is at 1435. Early dismissal and half‚Äźday schedule dismissal is at 1045. Every Tuesday students will be dismissed at 1330 for teachers to receive professional development. Once students have been dismissed, children are expected to leave the campus promptly.

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